Friday, March 25, 2011

You think I can do what?

Kinsley and I Rocking the Vintage Couture:)

So. As you know, I have recently become a DSR for Vintage Couture(formerly My Vintage Baby.) I must say, that for the first time in a long time, I feel like I have purpose again. Although I can't explain my heart being pulled from nursing, and in a way that makes me very sad. I have always been a nurse, and a FABULOUS one at that. My heart is just not there, for at least right now. This is a very scary thing for me, because while my heart is not in nursing, I am not sure where my heart is. I kinda feel like I am standing in the middle of the field, just waitin' for God to tell me what to do. While I can't just lie in bed until he tells me what "Im supposed to do,"(that would be FAB huh) I do feel like he is giving little tiny cues that I am doing the right thing. For now. I start every morning asking him simply for my Manna for the day. Basically, asking him to just help me through the day, holding my hand and what not. He is just SO beyond AMAZING. I still have some trust issues with him, but MAN, I am getting closer, and closer to where I need, and He wants our relationship to be.
On to giving me cues, that I am walking the right way. Today. I say today, because I am trying very hard to just think about today. Yesterday, I prayed that he would give me a sign that I am doing the right thing for my family, as far as outside income. 5 minutes after that, I got a text msg from VC(vintage couture)'s National Sales Mgr, Holly. First, I need to tell you how amazing Holly has been. She is brand new, and she has already changed the company for the better. She has added trainings, which is all FABULOUS. She has also started the VC hotline, which is a phone number that you call to hear a inspirational message for the day. I LOVE this. The mentors that have already recorded messages have all been so helpful, and wonderful. Ok, so anyways- I get a text message from Holly, asking ME to do the inspirational message this weekend!!!!!!!! HUH? Ok, remember, I started like yesterday. There are people who I am quite sure would be better served to inspire and teach the other DSRs. But I got chosen. Someone thinks that I, little ol' baby DSR, me, would have something inspiring to say. I asked God for confirmation that I am doing the right thing, and then I get asked to do this. I am TRULY humbled. SO beyond humbled. And honored, and excited. I have NO clue what I will say, but I trust that with the Lord's help, I will get through it, and HOPEFULLY my excitement, and true fire in my bellyness will inspire, or at least make someone else excited! We will see.

Have a FABBY FAB weekend sweet friends!


  1. You.Go.Girl!!! I am so proud of you Mindy! You are following where God wants you to be. He has opened this door and you are walking through! Just follow where He leads.
    You are such a funny writer!! Love it!

  2. Your message will be great! You are awesome and I think you are right where you need to be.

  3. I just love you both! Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words!