Monday, March 15, 2010

A little(Ok, Ok ALOT) behind...

So I havent blogged in a really long time, and I hate that, BUT its been nuts here!! Since my last blog, Feb 1st, we had 12 inches of snow, PIG flu, 6 month check up, soccer started, and now we are on to Spring Break..Ahhh RELAXATION!!! Kinsley is, well, A MESS!!! There are no other words for her other than that. It really terrifies me at times to picture her at 2, but she is SO worth it(maybe)!!! She has started talking(mamamamamama, dadadadadada), we love it!! Now, I know that she probably doesn't know what she is saying, BUT she seems to wimper mamamama when she needs/wants something, and dadadada comes out when she is playing, which sounds about right to me! Haha!:) I have recently discovered how to "wear" her, and I swear(no lie) I feel like a whole new world has been opened up to me! She hates(and I mean HATES) to be strapped in to anything, but she doesnt mind being strapped to me! I just put her on, and off we go! I am mad at myself for not discovering this sooner! I love that she is developing a little personality, but it makes me sad at the same time! I know that the bigger she gets the less she is going to need so much "Mommy time", it may sound nuts, but thats how I feel. She is already becoming more independent, and that makes me sad...kinda. I also know that soon I will have to return to work, and that is bitter sweet too. I am always looking towards the future, I need to STOP, and focus on today! I signed up for boot camp! Stay tuned for that! Colby LOVES soccer!!! Its just a big party around the Ford house! Talk to you soon!(Hopefully):)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy turns the BIG 31!!!

Yep! He's offically deep in his 30's now! Haha! We have been on a pretty tight budget since I stopped working, so we didnt do anything fabulous(we went on a cruise to celebrate his 30th, so I dont feel all THAT bad!). Saturday night we got a babysitter for a couple hours, and went "out". We made it until 1100, and that was only after I called to check on her 3 times, so about once an hour! It felt really good though to get out of the house. The place we went was PACKED! Rodeo is in town, and boy you can tell!! Then Sunday I left him alone all day! He didn't have to rearrange anything, move anything, or clean anything! He took a long nap, and then Colby got home, and we all watched a movie! We met some of our family at Pappadeaux for dinner, and that was really nice! Kinsley was on her best behavior, which is always a treat, and since Colby had his folder signed 3 days in a row last week, he was very (cautiously) good! :) It was a great night. I love him more everyday. This past year has had its shares of UPs and DOWNS, but I wouldn't want to go through these trials with anyone else. I LOVE YOU MIKE FORD!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things are starting to MAYBE look up...

So I have totally been preparing myself for the worst when it comes to Kinsley and her RSV. She has amazed me with how well she is doing! She has an ear infection too, so now the meds have started to kick in, and she is back on the move! She is really starting to roll over, and sit up, and eat, and its all just WAY to fast for me! I put her under her activity mat yesterday, and went into the kitchen to put away dishes. I start to hear this banging noise, look up, and see that she had wiggled her way over to the TV/X box, and was kicking the X Box tower against the TV!!! I see a lot of child proofing in our future!

Monday, January 25, 2010

And just when things were going SO good...

Something knocks me right back to reality! Last week had me thinking that 2010 was going to be a FANTASTIC year. This week not so much. Baby Princess has RSV, and she is so pitiful that it makes me want to cry! No Gym this week either, which really knocks my great start into the dirt! Hopefully my motivation will be there next week. We will see! Hopefully the week will get better as well!

Friday, January 22, 2010


So I have decided that I am going to turn myself into a lean mean skinny machine! Its obviously much harder than it looks, because well, I HATE TO WORK OUT!! I dont enjoy "feeling the pain",and I dont like to sweat. YUCK! However, I decided to give it a whirl, and signed our family up at the YMCA. Mike was not super excited about it, because, well, he knows me! I went for the first time Monday, and attended this class called Zumba...OMGosh!!! I LOVE it!!! I hope this feeling of love hangs around...Stay Tuned!!!:)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lets See How This Works

So it appears that I am the only one in the entire worrld that does not have a blog. Even my best,good friend has one, and its about fashion. So I have decided to start the new year, and TRY to blog. Its not that I dont want to, its just very scary, because I am SO not computer savvy! So where to begin?! Last year was one of the best years in my life, because we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Kinsley. She is such a blessing, and I love what joy she has brought to our lives.Her big takes such good care of her, and between the two of them we are truely BLESSED!