Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you still there friends?

OMGosh. Ok, I am BY FAR probably the worst blogger. Ever. I would never make it as a professional blogger. I mean, I get that. However, I am at such a MAJOR cross road in my life, and while I have tried my best to just take it day by day, perhaps blogging may help. Not sure, but we shall see. I am not even going to bother going over the past year. It has had its ups, and its downs. We are Fords, we know that there will be storms. We have weathered them like the Fords weather things. We get through it, and we try to not think about when the next storm will come. I will say that 2010, and so far 2011 have been quite calm. Perhaps God is testing another marriage. I SURE hope so! HA:) I am still at home with Kinsley. I have my good days, and I have my bad. I LOVE that little girl, but OMGosh, I am paying for my raising(and I am also paying for Mike's which is not fair, I don't think.) She is STILL a mess, only now she climbs, and screams, and tells me NO. I love wondering about what the teenage years will be like. Not really. She is quite the little model, which is actually very funny, because if people knew what she was like without a camera in her face, they would scratch their heads as to why she rocks the camera.Colby is, well turning into a young man. Who does things he is not supposed to. Why do they have to grow up? I just HATE it. He has started golf lessons, and that seems to really make him excited. THANK GOODNESS we have found something. Mike is now a BIG BOY Sgt!!! WHOO-HOO!! I am so proud of that man. He has overcome so many hurdles and he manages to do it with such grace. I admire him for that. SO much. As for me...Well its kinda hard to explain. For the past 6 years, my whole heart has been in nursing. Until about 6 months ago, I had the plan to finish my degree, and then get a job as a school nurse. Now, I have NO clue what I want to be when I grow up. Now, I understand that 28 is a little late to be trying to decide your career path. I have recently started a new business endeavur as a DSR for Vintage Couture(My Vintage Baby.) I have to tell you, I LOVE it. I have had the opportunity to meet, and LEARN from some AMAZINGLY FABBY FAB women. This whole company is just pretty darn awesome. And if it makes any sense, I "get it". This whole people, selling thing is probably in my blood, because it comes so easy. I am not convinced that I am going to do this forever, and I have also not taken off my nursing hat forever, but I also have no idea what I am going to do. I feel like the Lord has some AMAZING plans for me, and I want to do them, I just don't know what they are, and if my hubby is going to put up with my wish-washiness much longer either. I suppose we shall see.
Ok. Gosh, now see, I just feel so much better! Maybe there is something to this whole bloggin' thing...Oh lets not get ahead of ourselves. Baby steps.


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  1. I love it all. I just being on this journey with you. Baby Steps & Big Hugs!