Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy turns the BIG 31!!!

Yep! He's offically deep in his 30's now! Haha! We have been on a pretty tight budget since I stopped working, so we didnt do anything fabulous(we went on a cruise to celebrate his 30th, so I dont feel all THAT bad!). Saturday night we got a babysitter for a couple hours, and went "out". We made it until 1100, and that was only after I called to check on her 3 times, so about once an hour! It felt really good though to get out of the house. The place we went was PACKED! Rodeo is in town, and boy you can tell!! Then Sunday I left him alone all day! He didn't have to rearrange anything, move anything, or clean anything! He took a long nap, and then Colby got home, and we all watched a movie! We met some of our family at Pappadeaux for dinner, and that was really nice! Kinsley was on her best behavior, which is always a treat, and since Colby had his folder signed 3 days in a row last week, he was very (cautiously) good! :) It was a great night. I love him more everyday. This past year has had its shares of UPs and DOWNS, but I wouldn't want to go through these trials with anyone else. I LOVE YOU MIKE FORD!!!!