Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cali comes to Texas...and LOVED it!

We are pretty darn FABULOUS don't you think?! :)

Have you ever met someone over the internet, and felt like they were just "meant" to be in your life? Like you knew them, even though you didn't? Well, if you have, 6 months ago, I would have called you "odd." That is until I met Shea. Shea is...well, there are no words for Shea. She and I have become so close, that I am not sure what I did before her. Kinsley started modeling for her about 6 months ago. She owns a boutique called Stinkin Cute Designs. Her work is truly AMAZING. I am obsessed with personalized clothing, and she keeps Kinsley stocked with all my loves. If you are unaware of her, you HAVE to go to! It could change your life!

Anyway...So Shea came to Texas this past weekend. She and another one of my friends, Paige Walker(who, I also am unsure what I did before her)planned a photoshoot together. It was PERFECT. The whole weekend was awesome, and went by way to fast. We went to Joe T's for dinner Saturday night. FABULOUS! I think I may have her convinced that she can't live Joe T's, and she needs to move. I was sad when she left, but I know we will see each other again. Super soon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anniversary Fabulousness

He is my soul mate. The end.

Our pretty awesome name cards... I LOVE being a Ford :)


Even the door was Super Cool!

I am sure you can picture how awesome it was sitting on the back porch...

The Infinity pool overlooking the moutains was breath taking!

I also forgot how much I LOVE horseback riding. Need more of this more as well!

I even caught a fish! I am hooked now, and feel like I need to fish more!

Well. So. As you can see I was wrong. Please do not tell anyone, as it really does NOT happen that often. But, as far as my fears, and grumpiness in regards to my anniversary adventure, I was wrong. There. The trip was perfect. I do not often say that word, because, well, nothing is perfect. Well, shoot, guess I was wrong again, because this trip was perfect. It was worth every penny. It was pure love, friendship, and fabulousness that came with us. I fished for the first time. LOVE. The horseback riding. LOVE. Skeet shooting. HATE. But everything from the food, to the room, to the staff. AMAZING. And, it was impossible to be there and look around and not see how truly AMAZING God's work is. His art was everywhere. I am blessed.

Love you friends!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Colby was SUCH a little man. He MADE this day SO special

The BEST day EVER!!!

Sooo. My husband tells me(the day after a terrible fight) that we are going AWAY for our anniversary! My mind takes me to a beach, with a cold drink in my hand workin' on my tan...I say "REALLY?!!!! Where are we going?!!!" He then says a place called Wildcatter Ranch. "HUH?" Now if you know me...AT ALL, then you know that I am just not an out-doorsy kinda girl. I mean, unless it involves a beach...and a cabana boy. I then ask him the most important question ever..."WHY? Really, why can't we go to a beach?" Then I realize that this is the very FIRST time he has put any type of effort into our anniversary, and instead of being typical, snobby Mindy, I should be grateful, and respectful of his doing this. That became even harder to do when I found out how much we were paying to go. I will not lie, I got sick at my stomach. It is costing an enormous amount of money for only 3 days. I tried to remain graceful with my words, because, again, this is SO not Mike Ford to plan stuff like this. Well...Now, I am SO EXCITED! I just can NOT hardly wait. I am READY to shoot stuff, fish, go canoeing, ride horses, and just be one with nature. We NEED this time together. This trip will be the two of us, doing "his" kinda stuff, but I could NOT be more thrilled to do them with him. There are rockin' chairs on the back porches of the "cabin-rooms" I am looking forward to sitting out there with a bucket of beer, and just being STILL! Watching the sunset. Happy Girl! I pray that we come back from this trip rejuvenated, and REFRESHED! Goodness knows we need that. My camera is charged and ready to go! I am READY to become a country girl!(City Mindy, will return Sunday...Lets not be crazy! Ha) I can NOT believe I have been married to this man for 4 years. He still gives me butterflies. I love him more and more, and MORE each day.

So friends, say it with me! YEE-HAW!!!!