Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anniversary Fabulousness

He is my soul mate. The end.

Our pretty awesome name cards... I LOVE being a Ford :)


Even the door was Super Cool!

I am sure you can picture how awesome it was sitting on the back porch...

The Infinity pool overlooking the moutains was breath taking!

I also forgot how much I LOVE horseback riding. Need more of this more as well!

I even caught a fish! I am hooked now, and feel like I need to fish more!

Well. So. As you can see I was wrong. Please do not tell anyone, as it really does NOT happen that often. But, as far as my fears, and grumpiness in regards to my anniversary adventure, I was wrong. There. The trip was perfect. I do not often say that word, because, well, nothing is perfect. Well, shoot, guess I was wrong again, because this trip was perfect. It was worth every penny. It was pure love, friendship, and fabulousness that came with us. I fished for the first time. LOVE. The horseback riding. LOVE. Skeet shooting. HATE. But everything from the food, to the room, to the staff. AMAZING. And, it was impossible to be there and look around and not see how truly AMAZING God's work is. His art was everywhere. I am blessed.

Love you friends!!!

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