Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear Mindy, NEWS Flash...

So, today has not been my favorite. I am, by nature a "worsecasesenerio kinda stresser." I think I do this because, I feel in some way I will be "more/better" prepared. One would think that by 30 I could "get" that this is not only NOT the way to be, but I end up wasting so much energy thinking and stressing about some made up situation , and even if the the situation becomes reality...I cant change it! Control freak much? ((sigh)) EVERYTHING that has happened in my life has taught me NOT to stress the small stuff, and yet I still struggle with it from time to time. I came across this picture/quote and I was instantly at peace...kinda like a small, supportive slap, errr reminder from Him that I need to STOP, and just be STILL. I am SO amazed by His ability, and His love, and His lessons, and just Him. And then I am reminded to look around, and remember that He is control. Blessed, and thankful that He is still working on me.

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