Sunday, September 30, 2012

My baby boy has turned into a BOY!!

My sweet, sensitive, loving, MAMA's boy is turning into a BOY. It's true. I am not quite prepared for it. I am used to him always wanting/needing ME, and lately he has been latching on to Mike. Now, I KNOW this is normal, and what is supposed to happen, but it still hurts my heart a tad. He no longer wants to talk about "stuff" with me. He tells me I'm embarrassing him(UMMM, I am the COOLEST mom/chick IN the world, DUH), and turns red, and shuts down when I ask him anything in certain subjects(GIRLS, etc...).

He has also developed a "new" love for hunting, and JUMPS at any chance he gets to go with Mike. This makes my heart happy, and love that my boys are bonding. Although, I'm not sure how much hunting Colby is doing, I think it's more the "guy" talk time they get.

Thankfully, Mike fills me in on what's going on in my baby's life(which he makes me swear with my life that I will not say a word to Colby), so I stay informed...kind of

MAN it's TOUGH being a mom sometimes!!!!

Happy Day friends!

Mindy :)

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